Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services

At Holman Recovery Center, we give people struggling with substance use disorders a chance to immerse themselves in an environment of healing and hope.  We believe that Recovery comes from treating the body, mind and spirit.  We provide a structured daily routine based on this belief that allows our clients to reestablish patterns of healthy living.  Our clients gain insight into how Recovery can transform their lives and they learn the skills to live free from substance abuse.  

Excellence in Counseling

Our credentialed counseling staff has years of experience effectively helping clients gain insight into the benefits of Recovery as well as the consequences of continued substance abuse.

Our counselors’ primary goal is to develop their clients’ own internal motivation for Recovery, so when they leave Holman Recovery Center, they want a new life free from the use of drugs and alcohol for themselves.

Holman Recovery Center Specializes in Residential Treatment

We offer our clients the chance to heal and establish a solid foundation for their recovery in our new, state of the art Residential Inpatient Treatment Center.  Our comprehensive, affordable program offers our clients a structured living environment free from the daily distractions of modern life, allowing them to focus on program participation.  We assist all our clients with identifying post-treatment housing options that support their Recovery and work with local community-based resources to be sure all their basic needs can be met.

Effective Treatment that Works

Holman Recovery Center uses education and Evidence Based Treatment (such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to improve our client outcomes and maximize their potential for long-term recovery.  HRC clients with Opioid Use Disorders can access Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT – such as Methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol) through our partnerships with local healthcare providers. We also introduce our clients the principles of 12-step programs and other community resources that will support their long-term Recovery.

Compassion & Understanding

The staff at Holman Recovery Center recognize the struggle and hardships our clients have gone through just to walk in our front doors, and from day one they will be treated with compassion and respect for making the courageous decision to seek out help.  From our front office professionals who greet clients as they first enter our program, to the kitchen staff who supply our clients with nutritious meals, to our recovery monitors, medical staff, counselors and administration – we are all dedicated to respectfully and professionally serving the needs of our clients. 

Services Provided During During Residential Treatment

Holman Recovery Center offers services designed to comprehensively address clients’ needs and establish a solid foundation for their recovery (click + for more info):

+ Individual Treatment Planning and Consulting

+ Gender Specific Treatment

+ Aftercare and Discharge Planning

+ Education About Substance Abuse and The Process of Recovery

+ Holistic Wellness Services

+ Fitness Program

+ Access to Medically Assisted Treatment 

+ Medical/Prescription Medication Monitoring

+ Nutritional Services

+ Spiritual Services

+ Onsite 12-Step Meetings (AA/NA)

+ Laundry Services

+ Recreational Activities

What to bring...

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Family Program

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