Holman Recovery Center is a level 3.5 residential substance use disorder (SUD) treatment program. Eligible participants must be 18 years or older, and have a substance use disorder as their primary diagnosis. 

We are unable to accept patients with severe and/or persistent mental illness or physical health conditions that would require staff assistance. Individuals expected to experience withdrawal symptoms will be required to receive withdrawal management (detox) services prior to admission. 

Have a Substance Use Disorder treatment provider send a current copy of your drug and alcohol assessment for review. Referrals can click here for our electronic submission form or to download our referral and ROI forms for faxed assessment. If you have a current assessment, you can fill out our application form here and attach it as a pdf or fax it to (360) 502-8600.

Need an Assessment? If you don’t yet have an assessment, click here.  Please note we cannot give anyone a bed date unless they have a current assessment referring them to our ASAM 3.5 level of care.