Edmund Smith, SUDP

Executive Director

Over the last few years of my career as a Drug Court Coordinator I recognized the need for improved access to Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Snohomish County, assembled an amazing group of Board Members who supported this vision and was fortunate enough to connect with a local business owner / contractor who made it all become a reality.  As Executive Director, I’m so grateful to see HRC fulfill it’s mission of compassionately serving those in need by giving them the tools they’ll need to build new lives in Recovery!  When I’m not working at HRC, I enjoy spending time with my wife & daughter and taking photographs around the Pacific Northwest. 


Amy Black, BA, SUDP III

Clinical Director

Amy has many years’ experience in the field of Substance Use Disorder treatment, as well as a background in public education.  As the new Clinical Director at Holman Recovery Center, Amy brings a strengths-based, trauma informed approach to the oversight of all clinical aspects of our program.  Her care for the welfare of our clients is evident in everything she does at HRC and we’re grateful to have her join our Team!


Tania Hernandez, DO

Medical Director

As Medical Director for HRC, I am a board-certified physician in Family and Addiction Medicine.  I want to be a health care professional who offers understanding and hope to people suffering from Addiction.  When I am not working with clients, I coach team gymnastics whenever I can find the time and I enjoy traveling and seeing new places.


Kozi Colberg, RN

Nursing Consultant

A considerable amount of my nursing background includes medical, surgical, emergency and mental health experience.  Beginning in 2012 I chose to direct my career towards fighting the opioid crises eventually becoming certified in the field of addiction medicine.  My passion is working with likeminded professionals developing new strategies to treat and support those afflicted with this disease while providing ongoing education to help reduce its associated stigma.  My work life balance is supported by my husband and our large family including my golden retriever.  For stress relief and enjoyment, I quad skate, take nature walks, and ride motorcycles. The garden snail reminds me of my motto which is to “slow down and cherish life’s moments” because every day is a gift that has an uncertain ending.  I’m very excited to be part of the Holman’s Recovery Center team!


Heather Cherry, AAC, SUDP


Addiction has had a profound impact on my own life, providing the crisis and suffering that paved the way for my transcendence from chronic state of lack and victimhood. There are beautiful gifts on the other side of addiction. We simply need the willingness and open-mindedness to seek with curiosity and we will find: a perfect catalyst pushing us towards transformation, an invitation to become our authentic selves, the evolution of suffering into wellbeing, and a springboard to freedom from dependence on externals.  It is my honor and privilege to serve as a guide to others on their own journeys of transformation, and I will walk beside you as you transform the despair into something beautiful. 


Daniel Flax, SUDPT


My journey to become a Substance Use Disorder Professional began a few years ago as I found myself no longer able to keep looking away from the epidemic suffering of individuals and families being destroyed by addiction. I find this work in alignment with my deep commitment to helping others and feel fortunate to have found a place to work such as Holman Recovery Center, providing compassionate care in a beautiful supportive environment. When I’m not doing counseling at HRC, I spend my free time vegetable gardening and doing craft work.


Matt Przybylski, AAS, SUDPT


“I enjoy being in the SUD field and helping others. I am honored and blessed to be able to assist our clients during early recovery. Holman has given me the opportunity to help others in an environment that matches my own views on early recovery. When not at HRC, I am spending time with my wife and three children.”


Jeanette Palomarez


Jeanette’s been working in the treatment field for the last 6 years and has a background as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor, Engagement Specialist and Patient Navigator.  Jeanette is a committed, dedicated Counselor who’s invested in helping clients find new lives in Recovery and we’re so grateful she has joined our Team here at HRC! 


Tina Herrera

Care Coordinator

Tina plays is an incredibly important part of Holman Recovery Center.  Tina helps bring new clients into our program and helps to set them up for success before they complete.  Tina’s care for the clients at HRC is a part of all the work she does every day, and we’re blessed to have her as part of our Team!  She’s also an incredible baker – which we all like as well!


Travis Boston

Recovery Monitor

Travis brings an incredible depth and knowledge to the work he does at HRC.  Whether he’s using his background in medication procedures or experience from his past work at other programs, Travis’s energy and enthusiasm are hallmarks of everything he does at HRC.  He’s a vital part of our Team and we’re all grateful Travis is part of the HRC crew!


Sophie Haines

Recovery Monitor

For the last 17 years I have worked with clients in the interior design and lighting design industry. While it has been amazing, I felt it was time to move on to something new, something that is rewarding in a different way. I have struggled in my own addiction and know what its like to be a part of the recovery journey. While the recovery journey is different for everyone, I have been able to find faith, hope, and strength in my own process. I am so excited to be a part of Holman recovery Center. I am eager to instill the hope I have graciously received in our clients, with the ability to come alongside them where they are at. Without judgement, but with acceptance and compassion. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful family.


Terry Flynn

Recovery Monitor

I have been in this field for 2 years as a treatment technician.  Holman Recovery Center has given me room to grow not only personally but to give back to others.  I love working in this field and look forward to working with countless others who are impacted by the disease of Addiction.


Ryan Fisher

Recovery Monitor

I begin my professional journey in this amazing field nearly 10 years ago, having had my own struggles with active addiction it was in a place just like HRC that I first learned that I no longer had to be living the way I was living and it was through the tools I learned in here that showed me how to cultivate and begin my recovery journey that’s exactly why I chose to be a recovery monitor and when I learned that HRC was opening here in North Snohomish County I wanted to be a part of that and for that I am extremely blessed. When I am not at HRC I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.


Jacob O’Neill

Recovery Monitor

Jacob is thoughtful and genuine and serves as a great support for the clients at HRC.  Jacob helps clients at HRC every day and his commitment to our mission of guiding clients towards Recovery is at the center of everything he does!


Haylee Scott

Recovery Monitor

Haylee’s enthusiasm and energy make a her a perfect fit at HRC and she is always willing to step up and help address clients’ needs!  Haylee has an undergraduate degree in psychology and her positive, outgoing attitude keeps everybody she works with smiling and feeling good!


Alexandria Sweeney

Recovery Monitor

Alex has joined our team with a background in dental assisting and laboratory experience.  Alex quickly connected with other Team members and has proven to be an excellent support to the clients at HRC.  She is a detailed person who is reliable and always willing to step forward to lend a hand.  We are so glad Alex has decided to join our Team at HRC!


Salome Patina

Recovery Monitor

Salome (‘Sal’) is committed to helping clients at Holman Recovery Center succeed in the program.  He uses his own life experience and professionalism to help clients stay on the path of Recovery.  Outside of HRC, Sal is a father and husband and we are grateful to have him on our Team!


Valerie Foster

Recovery Monitor

Valerie consistently demonstrates a genuine concern for the wellness of the clients here at HRC.  Valerie’s lived experience is a motivator for the work she does at HRC, and she provides support to our clients every day as they participate in treatment.  Valerie is also a wife and mother who has an active life outside her job at HRC.


Maureen Glenn

Recovery Monitor

Maureen joined the Team at HRC with an established knowledge of client resources in Snohomish County.  Maureen is able to use this knowledge, along with her professional and caring approach, to help HRC clients both succeed while they are at HRC as well as afterwards.  Parenting her children and engaging in other professional commitments keeps Maureen busy when she’s not working at HRC.  We are honored to have Maureen be a part of our Team!


Janet Zavala

Administrative Assistant

Janet does an incredible job as an Administrative Assistant at HRC.  Janet helps make sure our front office runs efficiently and she always goes the extra mile to be sure clients are set up to enter the program as soon as possible!  Janet uses her prior experience overseeing office operations for other organizations to be sure our program is doing its best to help those who need our services.


Molly Rynders

Billing Specialist

Molly is a fantastic ‘people person’ and makes clients feel at home as they enter services at Holman Recovery Center.  Molly’s positive, upbeat personality and commitment to serving our clients makes her a very important part of the HRC Team!