Community Health Center of Snohomish County

CHC’s  mission is to provide our diverse community with access to high quality, affordable primary health care. CHC provides affordable health services, including medical, dental, behavioral health, substance abuse treatment, and pharmacy services.  CHC provides medical screenings and access to other medical services for HRC clients.


Island Crossing Counseling Services

The ICCS program is committed to providing treatment of the highest quality at an affordable price, by a well-trained and genuinely caring staff of experienced professionals. By assisting one individual or one family at a time, we build a community of sobriety one individual or family at a time. As the community grows, it becomes easier for individuals to choose sobriety, healthy living over substance abuse and dependency.



Conquer Addiction

Our mission is to equip people to live their best life, especially those with substance use disorders. To do this we use medication, information and support which helps patients gain control of their lives and ultimately accomplish anything they determine to do.






Our Cafe’s Mission

The Everett Recovery Cafe is a safe place for individuals to define and pursue their healing and recovery together. Anyone is welcome to visit the Café as a guest for the day. The only requirement we ask is that anyone entering the space be 24 hours drug and alcohol free.


Ideal Option

Ideal Option has been working on the front lines of the opioid epidemic since our founders – two ER physicians – opened the first clinic in 2012. Today, Ideal Option employs more than 80 addiction medicine providers in 70+ outpatient clinics across 10 states. We’re proud to have helped nearly 50,000 patients on their journey to stable recovery from addiction.



AMFM Healthcare

Successful mental health treatment that adequately addresses a co-occurring diagnosis, requires a unique, multidisciplinary approach to treat the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of each client. AMFM understands that recovery is a lifelong journey and our team of experts are specifically trained to work with each client to develop critical tools and life skills that can help support them as they transition back into the real world.




Courage to Change (CTC)

We help people seeking recovery on multiple, vital fronts.   We’re a ‘hands on’ organization, from the time we reach out to someone who is open to attempting recovery – we understand and navigate the logistics of the services an individual needs.  We help them get to in detox, assist in finding recovery housing, help them find treatment options, help them find gainful employment and help them connect to our recovery community for long term support.




Hoff Foundation

The mission of Hoff Foundation is to break the dysfunctional cycle which led to sex trafficking, compromised mental function, abuse, addiction, homelessness, or trauma in women and children.  We accomplish our mission by first offering a hand-up through Esther’s Place, registered certified housing, life skill classes, job readiness and placement, and transformative makeovers. We do this in partnership with Snohomish County Sheriff’s Program, donors, churches, businesses, local nonprofits, food banks, prisons, shelters, and rehab centers.  Our hope is realized when our empowered women are self-sufficient, confident, self-worthy and set free to live the life of their dreams.