Taking the first step

Making a decision to seek out help for a substance use disorder is the first step on the path of Recovery.  No one likes to admit they have a problem that’s too big to handle, but real change begins when a person is able to see the value of accepting help.  The next step is finding the right program to provide it.  Holman Recovery Center is dedicated to supporting our clients as they transition into a life free from substance abuse.  Once you’re ready to ask for help, click the blue Admissions button above to start your journey towards a new beginning!

How it works

Holman Recovery Center offers evidence-based treatment including medication assisted treatment such as Suboxone and Methadone.

When do you have beds open?

We have both scheduled and walk-in beds and often have a bed available within 7 days. Once you have submitted you preapplication form, we will contact you promptly with more information.

Do I need a drug & alcohol assessment (also called an asam sud assessment?)

You need a drug & alcohol assessment (also called an ASAM SUD assessment) completed within the past 30 days. You can submit it via upload on our preadmission form or fax it to (360) 366-502-8600. Holman Recovery Center does not conduct assessments, you must get one from an outside agency. Click here for more info.

Do I need to go to detox?

Detox is a medically supervised service with the goal of safely ensuring that people are stable coming off of alcohol or drugs.  The potential for relapse is high during the withdrawal process and completing a detox program can reduce the risk of relapse.

Without professional supervision and medical monitoring, it is common for complications from withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol to develop, which is why a safe, structured environment is essential. When clients enter medication-assisted detox, they are supervised 24/7 to provide maximum comfort through withdrawal and safe, effective tapering off of substances.

If you have not completed detox, please call 1-877-973-4220 or send us a message with more information. Click here for more info on finding a detox facility.

molina insurance


Holman Recovery Center takes pride in offering evidence-based, cost-effective Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment services. We specialize in helping patients navigate the complexities of insurance coverage, and our commitment to affordability is unwavering. 

We are an in-network provider for all the Medicaid Apple Health plans and Regence, Cigna, United Healthcare, HMA, First Choice Health, and Ambetter. For other clients, we streamline the process of obtaining health plan authorization and creating manageable payment arrangements for our clients. Even if you find yourself outside our listed in-network plans, rest assured that we excel at securing authorizations for out-of-network clients. In many instances, the cost remains just as affordable as in-network services.